Why use a Girt Trainer?

What is a Girt Trainer?

Icarus Training Systems have been manufacturing Girt Trainers for over 10 years. The product is used to train airline cabin crew to quickly and efficiently remove a Slide-Raft from an aircraft by removing the Girt lacing, recovering emergency equipment and then opening and securing the optional canopy.  The device uses a spring loaded girt bar which pulls away as the lacing is released, and can be quickly reconnected for each trainee.

Why use a Girt Trainer?

Girt Trainers are an asset to a training centre ensuring students are trained in Girt detachment efficiently. Benefits of using a Girt Trainer include:

  • A faster throughput of students

  • Increase training efficiency

  • Make optimal use of training space

KLM Girt Trainer Case Study

KLM optimise their training environment with Icarus Training Systems range of inflatable training products for airline cabin crew. The KLM training centre hosts three Rapid-Inflate Slides, two Slide-Rafts and a number of Girt Trainers. Each Girt Trainer is located next to its door-trainer to ensure fluidity of training, going from one device straight to the next.  The Girt trainers have become a core piece of training equipment at the training centre and have allowed students to ensure that they are confident in detaching a Girt in a safe environment.

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