stuart haycock samantha perry at virgin atlantic

Samantha Penney & Stuart Haycock at the Virgin Atlantic Training Centre

The Icarus team installed the B747 Evacuation Training Slide at Virgin Atlantic’s Training Centre in 1997, last year we celebrated it’s 21 years of service! Icarus’ Managing Director Stuart Haycock met with Samantha Penney, the Team Manager for Training Delivery at Virgin Atlantic to celebrate.

The Training Slide was designed to fit the customer’s specific installation and has proven completely reliable over its 21 years of service, meeting the demands of many hundreds of ab-initio and recurrent training programs run by the company over that time.

Supported by an automatic pressure top-up system; Virgin Atlantic have purchased only two sets of replacement deceleration pads over the Training Slides service life.  It was only when the airline moved to their new training centre that Icarus were able to bring the unit back to the factory for an inspection and service.  The slide required no repairs, and after a thorough clean, the slide was installed in the new centre ready for a new generation of trainees.

The Icarus relationship with Virgin is typical of the long-term relationships that the company builds with its customers, and the airline also uses both our A330 slide-raft familiarisation trainer, and our unique Hybrid wet training device in their programs.

Manufacturing Products that Last

Icarus training 21 year old slide

Virgin Atlantic’s B747 Training Slide

21 year old evacuation training slide up close

Sliding Surfaces and Deceleration Pads

All facets of the Icarus organisation including the design, production and quality departments operate under the latest ISO quality management system, ISO 9001:2015. By utilising this quality management system business wide, Icarus can ensure that customers are receiving the highest quality of product and service available.

By adopting the latest innovations in technical inflatable design, production and quality testing; and using Icarus’ robust materials and manufacturing methods, the team are able to construct training devices that can withstand the test of time. The team at Icarus understand the increased demand placed on cabin crew training centres, so the team work closely with customers to ensure that our products support an effective training environment.

Care and Maintenance of Icarus’ Core Products

Icarus’ core products are all issued with a care guide. Following this guide and having your training product regularly serviced will ensure the maximum lifespan of your equipment. All of Icarus’ core products are provided with a three-year service & maintenance package, with the option to extend the package for a further two years. Icarus offer both back-to-base and on-site service & maintenance ensuring their optimum availability for evacuation and wet drill training.