There are three ranges of Training Life Rafts offered by Icarus Training Systems including the Standard Raft, the Hybrid Raft and Minimalist Training Rafts. All of these ranges are fully customisable and can incorporate many features to accommodate the training style and the number of Students. Using robust materials Icarus’ Rafts are resistant to erosion from both sea water and chemically treated pool water. Full induction training, servicing and maintenance packages are offered by Icarus Training for the life time of the training raft.

Standard Training Life Rafts

Standard rafts are available in 3m, 4.2m and 4.8m diameters, in comparison to OEM equipment these rafts are representative of 12, 25 and 42 man rafts.

Minimalist Training Rafts

The Minimalist Raft has the capability to carry 12 students and specifically designed to meet the needs of basic EASA training regulations.

Hybrid Training Rafts

Icarus’ unique Hybrid Training Slide Rafts are a budget solution for wet training. A generic version of and Icarus Training Slide Raft that can accommodate up to 10 students and is capable of cross platform training. Hybrid Rafts are an optimal compromise when several types of training solution are required.

High Quality Bespoke Solutions

Icarus Training Systems prides itself on tough, versatile and bespoke products to meet a range of training requirements. All products are designed and manufactured in-house by skilled staff with many years’ experience, using high quality materials in an ISO 9001production environment. Regular material and process sampling, along with sub-assembly testing during the production process ensures that our products are made to the highest standard. The team are happy to discuss any customer needs please Contact Us for further information.