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100% of Training Centres Agree…

In a recent trial conducted by Icarus Training Systems, 100% of international and domestic airlines involved agreed that training with Icarus' new Raft & Slide-Raft Repair Simulator is extremely useful for students! Icarus' repair simulator is a low-cost solution that gives students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with raft [...]

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Raft & Slide-Raft Repair Simulator Winners!

Icarus Training Systems new Raft & Slide-Raft Repair Simulator is a solution to Raft and Slide-Raft Repair training in the training centre. Three lucky airlines have been chosen to receive a free Raft & Slide Raft Repair Simulator for their training centres by signing up to the [...]

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Why Use A Girt Trainer?

Why use a Girt Trainer? What is a Girt Trainer? Icarus Training Systems have been manufacturing Girt Trainers for over 10 years. The product is used to train airline cabin crew to quickly and efficiently remove a Slide-Raft from an aircraft by removing the Girt lacing, recovering emergency equipment [...]