Icarus Training Systems offer Slide-Rafts for descent training and wet training. Slide-rafts are available both in full sized and condensed versions of all Airbus and Boeing aircrafts, lending extra flexibility to the training environment. A hybrid slide-raft is also offered which contains generic features of both a slide-raft and a conventional raft so that training can cover multiple types.

The robust materials developed by Icarus Training Systems are resistant to erosion from both sea water and chemically treated pool water. All features for effective training in the deployment and management of Slide-Rafts include aircraft detachment systems and optional canopies. To accommodate for all training environments Icarus also offer a shortened version of many of the Icarus Training Slide-Rafts. The shortened versions measuring approximately 6m still incorporate all of the necessary features. The team at Icarus will work with the client to ensure that the type of application and location of the fittings and features match the equipment that it is replicating.

All wet training Slide-Rafts include canopies, life lines and the fittings required to ensure that students gain effective and relevant experience of raft separation and management. The devices are usually inflated at the pool side and then floated out into the pool for the students to board. The rafts can be positioned using the corner lines, designed for instructors to manage the device in the water.

High Quality Bespoke Solutions

Icarus Training Systems prides itself on tough, versatile and bespoke products to meet a range of training requirements. All products are designed and manufactured in-house by skilled staff with many years’ experience, using high quality materials in an ISO 9001production environment. Regular material and process sampling, along with sub-assembly testing during the production process ensures that our products are made to the highest standard. The team are happy to discuss any customer needs please Contact Us for further information.

Cabin Crew Training Slide-Raft Availability

Icarus Training Systems are able to replicate training solutions for all Airbus and Boeing aircraft. The team are also able to provide custom made products for a wide range of other manufactures aircraft; Icarus have provided training solutions for McDonnell Douglas aircraft, the Sukhoi Superjet and Embraer Aircraft.

Available Airbus Training Slides
A300 A318 A320 A330 A350
A310 A319 A321 A340 A380

(And All Variants)

Available Boeing Training Slides
B717 B727 B747 B767 B787
B720 B737 B757 B777

(And All Variants)