on site service and maintenance

The team at Icarus understand the increased pressure put on Cabin Crew training programs to maintain a steady throughput of students; therefore, Icarus provide on-site service and maintenance for Training Slides, Training Slide-Rafts, Training Rafts and Girt Trainers. Typically, an on-site engineer can provide essential service & maintenance to these products within a day, often resulting in zero training downtime for the training centre.

What is Included in a Core Product Service?

The team are able to provide a full core product service on-site including:

  • Full Equipment & Pressure Relief Valve Tests
  • Seam Integrity & Material Strength Test
  • Attachments & Reinforcement Test
  • Device cleaning, including deceleration pads and sliding surfaces where applicable

Emergency On-Site Repairs

Icarus’ products are designed to last, some of our products have been in service for over 20 years! However, due to a wide range of factors such as incorrect handling, storage and wear & tear after years of use occasionally a product may need to be repaired.

Cathay Pacific’s A330 Dual Lane Training Slide suffered superficial damage during handling, Icarus provided an on-site emergency repair resulting in zero training downtime for the training school. To find out more about Icarus’ on-site service & maintenance and on-site emergency repairs contact our team today.

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