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Icarus Training Systems offer full Service & Maintenance packages, repairs are available on-site and at the Icarus Training Systems factory based in the UK; the company can also offer full training to customers in the maintenance and repair of their own equipment. All core products come with our standard three year Service & Maintenance package that can be extended for a further two years, contact the Icarus team to find out more.

The Icarus Team are dedicated to providing bespoke products that are not only tailored to the customers needs but also provide great value over time. The lifetime of a device will be greatly extended by following the product care guidelines and having devices serviced at 12 month intervals. At present the record for an Icarus Training Slides service life is 20 years, and it’s still going!

What is Included in a Core Product Service?

All services on our core products include:

  • Full Equipment & Pressure Relief Valve Tests;
  • Seam Integrity & Material Strength Test;