The skills and resources available at Icarus Training Systems are often used to develop and manufacture unique products for customers. The company has assisted in the development of specialised inflatable products including unique Airships, advertising inflatables, inflatable buildings as well as having a range of its own modular shelters for military use. The team are also available to hire as consultants for projects, please contact us for further information. The skilled team at Icarus Training Systems have advanced experience in the following fields:

  • CAD Design
  • Prototype Development and Manufacture
  • Inflatable Product Design
  • Inflatable Product Manufacture

Learn More About Airborne Industries & The Sky Lifter Prototype

Airborne Industries is a devision of Icarus Training Systems. The company specialises in manufacturing Technical Military Inflatable Products for communication, surveillance, defence and training. Airborne Industries manufactured and supported the development of the Sky Lifter Prototype, a case study is available on the Airborne Industries Website.

Sky Lifter Prototype Case Study