Icarus Training Systems 100th Customer

Icarus Training Systems Welcomes Their 100th Customer! Icarus Training Systems are proud to announce that March 2018 marks an order from our 100th customer, with over 230 systems in place today! Supplying simulator manufacturers; flag-carrying, international and domestic airlines, Icarus has grown to become the worlds leading supplier of cabin crew training systems. We [...]

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Raft & Slide-Raft Repair Simulator Winners!

Icarus Training Systems new Raft & Slide-Raft Repair Simulator is a solution to Raft and Slide-Raft Repair training in the training centre. Three lucky airlines have been chosen to receive a free Raft & Slide Raft Repair Simulator for their training centres by signing up to the [...]

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Cathay Pacific On Site Service & Maintenance

Cathay Pacific On Site Service & Maintenance Cathay Pacific Training Program The Cathay Pacific Safety Training School, hosts seven week intensive induction programs for new staff in Cathay Pacific City, Hong Kong. The training induction gives students the opportunity to bond with their team before their first official [...]

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Learn More About Icarus’ Training Slides

Learn More About Icarus Training Systems Training Slides Learn more about Icarus Training Systems Training Slides in our free e-brochure. Find out how Icarus tailor products for individual training centres and test materials in the quality centre to ensure that your training equipment is durable and [...]

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Why Use A Girt Trainer?

Why use a Girt Trainer? What is a Girt Trainer? Icarus Training Systems have been manufacturing Girt Trainers for over 10 years. The product is used to train airline cabin crew to quickly and efficiently remove a Slide-Raft from an aircraft by removing the Girt lacing, recovering emergency equipment [...]

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