KLM Girt Trainer Case Study

|KLM Girt Trainer Case Study
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Together, Icarus Training Systems and KLM designed the highly successful Girt Trainer product range. These stand-alone trainers offer the top portion of a Slide-Raft, along with its aircraft attachment. This enables crews to practise raft detachment in a safe environment. Icarus Training Systems has manufactured girt trainers for for KLM for the Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Boeing 767 and Airbus A330.

Without this capability, crew are in the position where if they had to detach a life raft for real, they would be doing it for the very first time. They would have to work out exactly how to do it in stressful conditions, in the cold and when their own and their passengers’ lives depended on it. This way, they can undertake this training in the safety of the training centre.

quote iconNicolette Medema - Cabin Crew Safety Trainer, KLM