Icarus Training Systems have been supplying KLM with inflatable training products for a number of years. These products include three rapid-inflate Slides, two Slide-Rafts and a number of our highly successful Girt Trainers.

KLM’s cabin crew undertake slide jumps every year in initial and recurrent training, using both the airlines motion-based cabin crew trainer, and their two static units. The training systems are in use 363 days each year, which creates a high level of wear and tear on the systems.  A reliable and robust product is essential to ensure that it is capable of regular safe inflations. The Slide-Rafts supplied to KLM  by Icarus Training Systems are used for both wet and dry drill training, one being housed at the KLM training centre and the other is used in the pool to undergo wet drill training.

KLM Girt Trainer Case Study
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