Icarus Training Systems are introducing a versatile range of Cabin Crew training products to our product range. This includes our Raft & Slide-Raft Repair Simulator and the new PBE Training Smoke Hood Neck Seals.

About Icarus’ PBE Training Smoke Hood Neck Seals

The neck seals can be tailored to fit any PBE training equipment. The materials used are sourced for enhanced durability and can be used repeatedly, providing the customer with a cost effective solution for PBE Training. Icarus uses either latex or a latex free material to ensure user comfort during training and are secured with velcro to ensure a firm fastening to the smoke hood. The neck seals are easily replaceable creating minimal downtime in a fast paced training environment.

Why Use Icarus’ Smoke Hood Neck Seals?

As Icarus Training Systems neck seals are tailored  to the needs of the customer, features can be adjusted as required, including neck opening sizes. A rolling purchase programme is offered to ensure that training centres maintain operational stock levels throughout the year. A sample neck seal can be supplied upon request. Request a sample or get a quote!

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