Girt Trainers

Icarus Training Systems manufacture a range of Girt Trainers. Girt Trainers replicate the upper portion of the Slide-Raft complete with detachable girt and have all the appropriate equipment, signage and markings required to enable crews to become familiar with the key elements of the equipment. Girt Trainers are available for all current Boeing and Airbus aircraft slide-rafts. The device includes a release frame that detaches from the inflatable as the lacing is released. The lacing can then be easily re-laced for the next student.

The principal advantage of the Girt Trainer is its small footprint which enables it to be located near to the corresponding door trainer for convenience. Designed to be permanently inflated, the Girt Trainers offer a robust solution to training centres where space is at a premium. If required, Girt Trainers can be delivered with a short canopy for deployment and comes complete with dummy aspirators, lamps, safety lines and sea anchor to allow full deployment training.

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