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Cathay Pacific Training Program

The Cathay Pacific Safety Training School, hosts seven week intensive induction programs for new staff in Cathay Pacific City, Hong Kong. The training induction gives students the opportunity to bond with their team before their first official flight. Most importantly the training program ensures that Cathay Pacific cabin crew members are trained to the highest possible standard in all procedures.

The training provided by the airline includes fire fighting and smoke drill training; emergency equipment usage; aircraft door operation and life saving skills. Students also practice emergency procedure scenarios in the cabin emergency evacuation trainer, this includes full training in the use of the A330 Dual Lane Training Slide manufactured by Icarus Training Systems.

Cathay Pacific is dedicated to prioritising the safety of its passengers and in compliance with Civil Aviation Regulations, staff must pass all safety assessments before their first working flight with the airline.

Training Slide Service & Maintenance

Icarus Training Systems supplied the A330 Dual Lane Training Slide in 2014 and is an essential part of Cathay Pacific’s training program. The Slide Raft received superficial damage when it was being handled in 2017. Icarus Training Systems sent Alex…

icarus training field engineer onsite service and maintenance

…to provide on-site service & maintenance. Alex repaired the training slide when the system was not in use, which resulted in zero training downtime to the airlines essential training program. With increasing pressure on airline training centres to maintain throughput, it is essential that the facilities are available at all times. Icarus Training Systems provide both onsite and return to base service & maintenance support to all of our global customers. 

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“Every week there are around 750 crew who will pass through the doors, mock up, slide for their recency and type training. This is almost a 365-day operation in Cathay Pacific Safety Training School. Having the equipment for training is crucial because if any equipment  is unserviceable, there is an impact on the operation. When we discover the training slide has a superficial damage, I immediately contact Icarus where they responded quickly and sent Alex to Hong Kong to provide on-site maintenance service. We are glad Alex was able to discover the damage part and get it fixed, tested and checked where we can resume training within 5 days!”

– Katy Wu, Safety Training ManagerCathay Pacific

How We Repair Products

The process of repairing an Icarus Training Systems inflatable training product depends on the type of maintenance that is required. In a case where superficial damage has taken place patching is the most common method of reparation.

The product, in this case a A330 Dual Lane Training Slide would have an initial assessment; ensuring that there were no further issues with the product. The product will then be deflated, the adhesive will be mixed and the area will be cleaned, marked, masked, glued and repaired. The Slide Raft will then be left for a set period of time to allow the adhesive to dry.

The product will then be submitted to its pressure testing phase; this phase ensures that the repair has been effective and that inflation pressures can be maintained.

Icarus Training Systems Service & Maintenance Team

Icarus Training Systems products are designed to last, some of our systems have been in place for over 20 years! Occasionally our products may require service & maintenance due to a wide variety of factors including incorrect handling, storage or from wear and tear after years of use. 

Luckily Alex loves to visit customers and explore new countries! If you have any questions about Icarus Training Systems service & maintenance let us know!

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AlexBetter at repairing inflatable training products than he is at selfies.