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100% of Training Centres Agree…

In a recent trial conducted by Icarus Training Systems, 100% of international and domestic airlines involved agreed that training with Icarus' new Raft & Slide-Raft Repair Simulator is extremely useful for students! Icarus' repair simulator is a low-cost solution that gives students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with raft [...]

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Introducing PBE Training Smoke Hood Neck Seals

Icarus Training Systems are introducing a versatile range of Cabin Crew training products to our product range. This includes our Raft & Slide-Raft Repair Simulator and the new PBE Training Smoke Hood Neck Seals. About Icarus' PBE Training Smoke Hood Neck Seals The neck seals can be tailored to fit any PBE training equipment. [...]

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Raft & Slide-Raft Repair Simulator Winners!

Icarus Training Systems new Raft & Slide-Raft Repair Simulator is a solution to Raft and Slide-Raft Repair training in the training centre. Three lucky airlines have been chosen to receive a free Raft & Slide Raft Repair Simulator for their training centres by signing up to the [...]

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