About European EMC Products

The activities of European EMC Products (EEP) focus on the provision of specialist, bespoke electromagnetic shielding and blast protection related products and services across the UK, Europe, The Middle East and Asia.

Their fully integrated shielding protection packages; which include the manufacture of Blast Resistant Doors, Gas Tight Doors, EMP Filters and Blast Resistant Valves aid in the protection of defence and critical national infrastructure systems and comply with all known UK, NATO and international security and performance standards. Namely; EEP’s high specification Gas Tight Doors protect against specific threats, including radioactive, bio-hazardous and industrial by-products and are designed for both commercial and military applications.

The Problem

EEP were seeking a method to demonstrate and test the effectiveness of the gas tight door seals. A full exploration in to the customer’s needs were conducted, and a product concept was developed.

The Solution

Icarus’ product development team proposed a system that could test the performance of the door seals through pressure testing, by constructing an inflatable gas holding compartment tailored to fit the doors specific dimensions. The system is fitted to the door and air inflated to a predetermined test pressure; the test is then conducted. The inflated system should maintain a consistent pressure and a pressure loss indicates a leak in the door seals which allows for troubleshooting and adjustments to the seals to ensure a gas-tight fit. Icarus provided EEP with the calculations to validate testing procedures.

“As well as being a pleasure to work with, the technical team at Icarus had a solid understanding of our requirements and were able to advise us on the best strategy to test the effectiveness of our Gas Tight Door seals. Their professionalism and knowledge surpassed all expectations and we wouldn’t have any hesitation in using them again in the future.”

– Ian King, Director. European EMC Products.

Quality Commitment

Icarus’ products are designed and manufactured in-house in an ISO 9001:2015 environment by a team with over fifty years’ experience developing technical fabric solutions. Using 2D and 3D CAD software the design team are able to provide a high quality and fast product development service; a variety of manufacturing processes are utilised by the production team to ensure the most suitable methods of construction are used to create robust products that stand the test of time.

Full testing is carried out at Icarus’ base and full on-site testing is offered to ensure the solution is fully operational. Lifetime product support can be provided for all products developed by Icarus.

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