In a recent trial conducted by Icarus Training Systems, 100% of international and domestic airlines involved agreed that training with Icarus’ new Raft & Slide-Raft Repair Simulator is extremely useful for students! Icarus’ repair simulator is a low-cost solution that gives students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with raft repair kits, should they ever need to use them in an emergency situation.

The repair simulator represents a raft or slide-raft with two reinforced punctures. The standard system is offered with two 75mm ‘splits’, designed to accommodate many manufacturers repair clamps and bungs. The simulator can be adapted by the Icarus team to represent a number of possible ‘splits’ or ‘punctures’ that allows students to train with a range of repair clamps and bungs. Contact the team to find out more!

Trail data has been gathered from trials conducted by three airlines, classified as either international or domestic carriers. If you would like more information about Icarus Training Systems trial please contact