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Icarus Training Systems are the worlds’ leading suppliers of Training Slides, Training RaftsSlide-Rafts and Girt Trainers for airline cabin crews. Icarus’ products are compatible with all Airbus and Boeing aircraft and have manufactured and adapted training products for other aircraft such as the Sukhoi Superjet, the MD80 and the Embraer 190.

With 20 years’ experience in the development of specialist training equipment, the company offers a single source solution to meet the needs of regional, national and major airlines. The company excels in the production of versatile tailored products to meet a range of operational and training requirements.

The technical team can develop solutions for specific applications including both static and motion based systems for descent training and wet drill training. Icarus’ team also invest in the skills and tools required to manufacture high quality products that significantly reduce the life-cycle cost of training products.

Icarus Training Systems Core Products

icarus training systems slide raft

Training Slide Rafts for for descent training and wet training.

icarus training systems simulator training slide

Training Slides for descent training, for both static and motion based systems.

icarus training systems cabin crew training raft

Training Rafts for wet drill training available in ten – forty two man rafts.


Icarus Training Systems also offer Girt Trainers, which replicate the upper portion of a Slide Raft to enable crews to become familiar with the key elements of the equipment. A range of Accessories are also available to assist in the inflation and management of Icarus Training products during their operational life.

Icarus Training Systems Quality Assurance

All products are designed and manufactured in-house by skilled staff with many years’ experience, using high quality materials in an ISO 9001production environment. Regular material and process sampling, along with sub-assembly testing during the production process ensures that our products are made to the highest standard.

Bespoke Solutions

Icarus Training Systems prides itself on tough, versatile and bespoke products to meet a range of training requirements. The team are happy to discuss any customer needs please Contact Us for further information.